Do you already have a website but can’t get it updated quickly or affordably enough? Blue’s ArtHouse Maintenance & Hosting Plan could be your solution. Blue’s ArtHouse can maintain and/or host your website. We’re always available by phone or Email and I’ll get your updates online fast – usually same or next day!

No worries!

Tools_largeYou’re probably way too busy like all of the rest of us business owners. You don’t want to add website maintenance to your long list of daily chores. Well that’s no problem at all because we can take care of it for you. Our goal is to keep you worry-free when it comes to your website

Blue’s ArtHouse is very flexible. We’ll figure out how website maintenance integrates best into YOUR specific situation. Maybe you just need some standard text and photo updates every week or so. We can do that. Maybe you need a shopping cart or blog added to your site? Or maybe you need someone to take pictures of your product. We can do all that. How about if you need to send out an emailing to your customers the third Friday of every month? We can do that too! What is it that YOU need? Call us and let’s talk!

Need a fix it button for your website?

FixItButtonDo you already have a website but for one reason or another, you’re having trouble getting it updated? Well good news, we’re here to help! We’ve seen all sorts of scenarios over the past decade and a half in this business. Most of the time the original website developer has gone out of business (this happens a LOT) and their customers are left with dead-in-the-water websites that can’t be updated. Other folks have a friend build their website; someone who knows how to make websites but doesn’t do it as a full-time job. All fine and dandy until the friend is too busy with their day job to keep the website maintained…. We’ve seen other people have their 8th grade nephew build their website. Sure Johnny took an HTML class in high school but that doesn’t mean he’s professional enough to build your most important marketing tool. And then Johnny goes off to college and there’s another unmaintained website.

If YOUR website developer has disappeared for whatever reason, we can work with you to get your pages updated and make any needed changes to your website. Sometimes we’ve got to do some digging to find out how to access your pages and get control of your domain name. Each website project is a different adventure with mysteries to be solved. But remember, we’re flexible. We’ll keep working on it until we find your solutions.

Maybe your web developer hasn’t gone missing but you’re having trouble. We don’t like to take business from other developers but some web developers just take way too long to make updates or charge unreasonable fees for each individual update. That’s not good business in our book. Customers end up not wanting to ever ask for updates… and then you’ve got yet another out-of-date stale website.

Don’t Become Obsolete!

We WANT our customers’ websites to stay up-to-date and relevant. Nothing sends a worse message than a stagnant website that hasn’t been changed in years. So we’ve put together a plan that will make it easy and affordable to keep your site current. Our most popular maintenance plan is up to an hour of updates for $35 per month (only $30/month if Blue’s ArtHouse is also hosting your site). You can send us updates as you think of them via email, fax, or phone. Whatever works best for you. We’ll usually get the quickie updates online same or next day. And we work FAST. We can get a LOT done in an hour so usually that’s all the maintenance time you’ll need every month (however we do offer custom plans for customers who need more time than that). And if one month you need a little more than your hour and one month you need a little less, that’s okay too. We’re flexible! We keep tabs on everyone’s time and make sure that it all evens out in the end.

ClockWell what do you think? Sound like service you need? Give us a call (314-839-0634) or email us and we’ll discuss your project.