Searching For A Website Developer???


SearchingGuyWell we don’t envy your position; it’s very difficult to find a good website developer. Web development is such a new field; there are really no consistent standards in place. If you talk to five different web designers, you’ll get five completely different prices and service packages. Who do you trust?

First of all, take a little bit of time to do some homework. Look at the portfolios of your potential web designers. Do you like they way their websites look? (You can see Blue’s ArtHouse website portfolio HERE. Note that although all of our websites are unique, we still do have a definite design “style” so please make sure you like it before you call us!)

Talk to them. Find out how their web development process works. They should be able to explain the process clearly. Do they try to talk over your head with a lot of confusing “tech-speak” or can they speak to you in plain English?

They should also be willing to create a detailed proposal and cost quote for your project so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Make sure they have been in business at least a few years so you know you’re working with a stable business. Over half of my customers’ original web developers went out of business (people are always starting up web design businesses but very few make it past the first several years). Then they were stuck with a website that couldn’t be updated or no website at all. We’ve helped lots of people get out of these messes but they would have saved some money, time and headaches if they had just called us first.


Blue’s ArtHouse been in business since 1998. We’ve passed that pivotal “five year” mark long ago. We’ll be here for you when your website needs updating and your domain name needs renewing.

Sure we’re all too busy for homework these days. But you’re getting ready to start a (hopefully) long term business relationship with your new website developer. Taking some time now will SAVE you time in the long run. So do your homework and end up happy like this guy–>