Does your website need a complete overhaul? Or have you waited this long to get a website? A unique Blue’s ArtHouse custom website will capture the “personality” of your business and help establish your business identity and customer trust before your potential customer even talks to you on the phone.


Stand out from the crowd.

What’s so great about Blue’s ArtHouse websites? Take a look through our website portfolio and see for yourself. You’ll notice quickly that every single website we create is different… customized specifically for each customer. Blue’s ArtHouse customers’ websites don’t look like anybody else’s. They are memorable… so when your potential customer is clicking down the line of your competitors in their Google search results, they are going to remember YOU.

We like to do things the old fashioned way, with lots of care and high quality craftsmanship. We handcraft each web page we make. Nobody else does that anymore. We’ve entered the “plastic age” of web design where each page of each site is shoved into a monotonous template regardless of the content. Excursions through such websites are boring and forgettable. Not so with Blue’s ArtHouse websites. Since we create each page individually, we can uniquely integrate content and design in the most effective way possible.

Are you ready to get started?

phoneGive us a call at (314) 839-0634 and let’s talk. We’ll start with a phone meeting. We’ll ask you all sorts of questions about what ideas you have for your website: What would you like your website to accomplish? Who is your targeted market? What message would you like your website to convey? What budget do you have in mind for this project? etc… So it will be helpful if you have some of this information ready when you call. We’ll first determine if we think your project and Blue’s ArtHouse will be a good fit. If so, we’ll offer some options and suggestions and give you a ballpark figure on the phone. If you want to keep going at that point we’ll put together a detailed proposal of your project and the cost breakdown. We’ll begin on your project immediately upon getting your signed contract and deposit.

The process…

Then the fun begins. We’ll discuss the look, feel, and color scheme of your website with you and create some designs for your new front page. It is often helpful if you can show us some other websites that you like so that we can get an idea of the look you’re wanting. If you’ve already got a logo, we’ll match your web design to the color and style of your logo. If you need a logo design, we can create that for you as well. We’ll email our design drafts to you, get your feedback, and make revisions until we arrive at the website design that you just absolutely love.

Then we’ll start putting together your actual web pages. During this time we’ll need to get content from you for your pages. You can give us copies of your brochures, print ads, photos, and any other information that you want in your website, and we can help you write content for your site as well.  We can schedule a photoshoot to gather some pictures of your staff and location if needed. You’ll be involved in the entire process, giving us feedback all along the way, to ensure that the final product is exactly the website you want. After all the pages are completed, we’ll direct your domain name to your new website and voila! You’re finished! As long as we receive content and feedback from you quickly, we can get your site finished in as little as two to three weeks.

Now you’re ready for maintenance mode. Don’t let your new website get stagnant or out-of-date. We can keep your website maintained and current. CLICK HERE to read about Blue’s ArtHouse Hosting & Maintenance services.

ClockSo that’s it! Not rocket science or Greek at all! If this sounds good to you, go ahead and call us (314-839-0634) or email us and we’ll discuss your project.