A Website Developer Who Listens To You???


Blue Tapp Scheffer, Blue's ArtHouse owner

Blue Tapp Scheffer, Blue’s ArtHouse owner

Yep! I’m Blue Tapp Scheffer, owner of Blue’s ArtHouse. I’ve worked as a graphic designer since the early 1980’s and started my website design business in 1998.

I build and design all Blue’s ArtHouse websites.  When you hire Blue’s ArtHouse, you’ll be working with me and only me because I like to keep things simple, reliable and personable for my clients. I work usually with smaller businesses who do not have their own IT techs; I become their website and internet department.

When my clients call me, I know who they are. Many of them I’ve worked with for years. I know their businesses, their products, and their target markets. I’ve watched and helped them grow and change as technology change has exploded over the past decade.

Since 1998 I’ve built a significant base of satisfied customers. Some of them have been with Blue’s ArtHouse since the very beginning. Other customers have grown so much over the years that they’ve needed in-house internet employees; I consider those to be some of my many success stories. Some of those customers still contact me for internet consultation (and just to say hello). Other customers keep returning to Blue’s ArtHouse as they build new businesses and need new websites.

My clients stay with me and keep coming back because my customer service is so much better than what they’ve found with other website development businesses. I only accept a certain number of new clients a year to make sure Blue’s ArtHouse customer service stays that way.

And my websites are very good too! Take a look at websites I’ve designed HERE.

ClockDoes your business need service like this? If you think Blue’s ArtHouse would be a good fit for your business, give me a call at (314) 839-0634 or send me an email and let’s talk.