I’m extremely proud of our latest completed website! This one is for Andre’s Banquet & Catering and is just beautiful. I’ve worked with owner, John Armengol, for years marketing Andre’s on Google Adwords and I was just pleased as a glass of spiked punch when we finally agreed to a new website project. We selected an elegant WordPress theme and color scheme with lots of glam eye candy effects that perfectly suits Andre’s style. Andre’s has multiple banquet locations all over the St. Louis area as well as Eureka, Sullivan, St. Charles, and their latest catering location in Ste. Genevieve. They host weddings and events and also cater to any location. Don’t miss their unique farm catering locations so perfect for those ever popular rustic barn weddings. Be sure to view their videos and check out Andre’s unique One Stop Shopping services. And when winter rolls around again, don’t forget Andre’s for your New Years festivities. Their annual New Years bash is the most fabulous unforgettable celebration in St. Louis!